Call Center Platform

At Invictus we try to innovate as much as possible and one of those innovations comes from our Contact Center.

Contact centers play a key role, if not a core role as they are the center of all customer communications. This has led us to review the type of deployment that best suits the need of our clients organization. We tested traditional on premise VOIP deployment and a cutting edge Cloud hosted contact center. As a per minute company, we require technology that can deliver 100% uptime to us and our clients. Cloud based platform-as-a-service has provided us with a solution that boasts unmatched performance and advantages.

With the capabilities of a cloud-based contact center, the power of technology can be harnessed through features that allow us to deliver more productivity. We utilize equipment and software that merges seamlessly with Amazon Web Services to provide us with many game changing advantages.

  • INBOUND Campaigns
  • OUTBOUND Campaigns
  • BLENDED Campaigns


These campaigns are managed on-site and deliver 400% more contacts when compared to Traditional Dialing which takes hours to contact a few leads. Our Predictive Dialer determines that a percentage of calls will be unsuccessful and adjusts connecting live callers to the agents as soon as they become available.

In comparison, our Automatic Call Distributor ensures an intelligent call queuing capability that utilizes business information to deliver personalized call treatment and to support effective predetermined routing. Your call will never be left unanswered using our technology.