Information Technology Outsourcing

People are realizing that Near Shoring really means best practice.   Invictus’ is providing end to end services for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Service Desk, Technical Support and Remote Managed Services.  Capable of delivering on-shore quality at nearly off-shore pricing Invictus is implementing value added solutions and staffing for its clients looking to improve service and grow the bottom line by leveraging technology and services.

Invictus clients are looking for solid understanding and follow through execution of the highly technical enterprises. The client interest in driving costs out almost under any circumstance has shifted to a focus on productivity; Invictus understands that and will work with you to deliver significant efficiencies in your enterprise.

Leveraging Cloud technology Invictus is delivering 24/7 mission critical solutions and outsourced operations for many of their clients.  Clients consistently ask what outsourcing providers can do to insure that availability never becomes an issue. Invictus leverages proprietary and Cloud based technology to achieve dramatic up-time results.

Innovation is the key to success and clients now require suppliers proactively introduce recommendations and suggestions on process improvements that will aid in overall productivity. It’s no longer good enough to be an operational outsourcer who just responds; partners need to be an integral part of the entire process.  Innovation comes naturally at Invictus driven by our deep passion and commitment for understanding your business drivers and technical and staffing challenges.

The future will center around bringing into an outsourcing relationship the right level of innovation in infrastructure and business processes, upon which companies will compete.  Invictus will bring this insight and spends the time with your business to institutionalize it with real solutions.

Determining the value proposition of an outsourcing arrangement will be focused on total cost of providing the service and how to get more value from the investments in IT. Outsourcing is now an imperative for success in enterprises. At the same time, were facing an ever-changing world in IT. The remedy for the challenge is to choose an outsourcing provider that can take the buyer business forward to the future.

With deep insights into market places and rich hands-on experience in a variety of industries, Invictus provides tailor-made IT solutions, combined with our IT infrastructure and business process outsourcing services, to solve the unique challenges our clients are faced with. Through our cost-effective, IT enabled premium services; our clients will achieve significant cost reduction, improve service to their end users and grow profits.