Invictus Story

Invictus is a state of the art Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) center that provides partners outstanding 24×7 call center services and expertise. To provide our customers improved quality, profitability and increased market share.

The Invictus management team include executives with over 55 years of direct call center, information technology operations, and software industry experience. Opened in 2012 in the heart of Belize, the capital Belmopan City is surrounded by diverse and cultural ambience. The official language of Belize is English, this combined with a natural and strong affiliation with the US possessed by our agents provides Invictus an advantage in helping you meet your Customer needs.

Invictus attracts the brightest and the best people, and we keep them. We create the proper working environment and incentives to encourage the best customer satisfaction for you. Our agents are committed to customer service and your businesses performance.  The Invictus team has both worked at and delivered quality solutions to some of the most respected companies in the world. Additionally, Invictus can provide uncompromising bi-lingual capabilities should your business require it.