English First Services

Professional English and bi-lingual Spanish speaking representatives will help you execute your enterprise workflow.



Reimagine business processes though technology that scales and performs.


Working With You

Nearshore, safe and within the same timezone as most United States based organizations.



We boast 99.99% up time ensuring that your business never suffers. Our offices are equipped with backup high speed internet lines and power generators to insure that business processes are always up and running efficiently.


Today, the highly competitive nature of the industry and the emergence of new players in offshore, nearshore and even home (US) locations has further focused the attention of Invictus away from just lowering costs towards achieving the highest possible quality in services.


Invictus Solutions provides your business low cost high quality services utilizing our near shore pricing and our efficient and effective support processes.

what we do

Invictus is a state of the art Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) center that provides partners outstanding 24/7 services and solutions to real world business challenges and customer service goals. The Invictus team will apply continuous process improvement to ensure that you are receiving the most benefit from your investment. Invictus establishes the proper metrics that are carefully reported to you. Our goal is to deliver top-tier service to our customers at an extremely cost-effective rate.

  • Unparalleled BPO Services

    When Customer Service, Quality and Disciplined Processes are required to help you improve Marketshare, Profitability and Service, Invictus is the answer.